I’m originally from an area in NE Ohio near the Ohio/PA border.  Pretty early on in formulating a life plan for myself, I knew I wanted to get out of that area.  The sky was always gray.  The weather was awful most days.  The winters were long, dark, and brutal.  The first Spring-ish day when the temperature crept above freezing and the sun made a brief appearance people would act kookie – like they had just come out of hibernation.  They would drive around with their windows down, bust out their favorite shorts, and start getting their swimming pool ready for summer…. even though the temperature was still in the 50s.  It made me wonder why, if everyone craves nice weather and blue skies so much, they tolerated such a place.  And that’s just considering the weather.  My home is a suburb full of crappy strip malls, Walmarts, and chain restaurants.  The city we live near is a run down ex-steel city, Youngstown, who is most definitely past its prime.  As you can tell, I had a pretty bad attitude about the area.

But, as predictably as a cliche, once I moved away and got a bit older, my opinion began to change.  I have seen at least 2 of my friends who have also moved away write similar sentiments on their blogs.  I began to appreciate the unique and beautiful aspects of the area.  For one, there is still quite a bit of farm land around and on one of those rare, sunny, blue-sky days, they are down-right gorgeous.  During our last trip home, we stopped on the side of the road so I could capture a few photos.

And even though Youngstown is still trying to stage its comeback, nearby Pittsburgh is still pretty awesome.  Check it out:







Not only can that area be quite pretty sometimes, but I have come to appreciate the sensibility of people that grew up in that area or that type of area.  It should not be surprising then that the guy I met in Miami and eventually married is from Pittsburgh.  There is also a lot of of really good Italian food there.  🙂


Have a nice weekend!


About Tricia

I am a science geek who loves traveling and anything to do with the ocean!

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