On the very last day of our trip to Hawaii, we drove around the island of Maui, stopped in Hana, which we would have all together missed if not for our guidebook, and at Ohe’o Gulch (aka 7 sacred pools).  At the gulch, there are multiple cascading waterfalls that have eroded out at least 7 pools.  It was a little crowded at the bottom pools – lots of people clamoring over the rocks to take in the view and kids jumping off the cliffs into the water.  We decided to climb up to the upper pools/waterfalls and found that we had it completely to ourselves.  It was magical.  Our own private Maui waterfall.  So of course we decided to jump off the cliffs and take turns swimming over to and under the waterfall.  What Hawaiian vacation is complete with out a swim under a waterfall!?!?  It  was a perfect way to end our visit to one of my favorite places on the planet.

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Our wedding trip was completely perfect and everything we wanted it to be.  We were able to have our private moment making the biggest commitment of our lives to each other on a beach in paradise and spend the rest of the time cramming in as many wild adventures as possible.  We missed sharing this moment with our families, so in less than a month we will head back home to celebrate with all of them (you)!  See you all soon!!!!


About Tricia

I am a science geek who loves traveling and anything to do with the ocean!

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  1. Nice – There are some spots to jump from @ the pools. I did it more in my ‘younger days.’ 🙂 Awesome pics

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