The day after our Hilo-side adventures on the big island, we drove to the Northern tip of the island to the Kohala area to zipline through the rain forest.  We went with a company called, Kohala Zipline, and they were SUPER awesome.  One of those experiences where you have to immediately run to Trip Advisor and rave about it.  Our guides, Litzel and Andy, were amazing, the training we received at the beginning made me feel totally at ease even though this was my first ziplining experience, and the course was awesome!  Not only did we zip along the lines, we also crossed several suspension bridges high above the forest, repelled down a couple of tall trees, and learned all about the ecology and history of the area.  It was neat to think of the crazy battles that had happened below us so many years ago.  The Kohala Forest is supposedly where King Kamehameha spent many years of his childhood.  Overall, the ziplining turned out to be one of my favorite of our activities.


Getting all geared up


Ready to go!


Here’s the vehicle we took to the top of the mountain.


There’s no way to look cool in ziplining gear


Suspension bridge


Dave zipping across


The landing


Another fun suspension bridge.  It was fun to jump around on the bridge and freak people out.




Here’s a nice butt shot of me repelling down the tree.


Resting before the second leg of our journey


Getting ready for take off



Our final repelling station before heading back to the shop.  If you ever find yourself on the Big Island with some time on your hands, DO THIS!  It is well worth the time and money.  And I’ve checked another one off the bucket list….   🙂


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I am a science geek who loves traveling and anything to do with the ocean!

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