After a few days in Maui, we took a tiny commuter flight to Kona, on the big island.  Neither of us had ever been to that island.  As I learned on the internet, the island of Hawaii is larger than all of the other Hawaiian islands combined.  Captain James Cook, who James Cook University (the uni I attended in Australia) was named after, was killed on this island at Kealakekua Bay.  Ok, maybe that was unnecessarily morbid, but we did snorkel in that bay and kayak to his memorial.  You can find it on the left side, mid way down on the map.  Hawaii island is composed of 5 volcanoes, 3 are active and 2 were erupting during our visit (Kilauea and Mauna Loa).  We started out in Kona during our visit, did a night dive with giant manta rays off the coast there, drove around the South side of the island to see Volcanoes National Park, drove North and over the middle of the island to Hilo.  In Hilo, we took a helicopter tour of Kilauea, hiked some waterfalls, and enjoyed Hilo-ween.  Next, we drove back to the North tip of the island to Kohala to go zip lining through the rain forest.  On our way back toward the airport in Kona, we hiked at Pololu Valley down to a black sand beach and finally hopped on our tiny plane back to Maui.


Here are a couple of shots from the plane ride over.


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I am a science geek who loves traveling and anything to do with the ocean!

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