I figured a good place to start with my wedding/honeymoon/vacation photos would be our actual wedding.  We arrived in Maui on a Thursday night with just enough time to see our friends, eat, and go to bed.  The next day, Friday, we met with a county official to apply for our marriage license.  Afterward, we found the beach we were to be married at the following day.  It’s called Palauea Beach, or White Rocks Beach.  It is more secluded than most of the public beaches we had seen in Maui and was just unbelievably gorgeous – we knew we had made the right decision.  After an afternoon of snorkeling at Ulua Beach, we headed out for a sunset cocktail cruise with Pacific Whale Foundation – a gift of our friends Morgan and Josh, who work with that company – and danced, drank, and cruised the night away to a reggae music soundtrack.

Finally, on Saturday morning, we woke up for the day we had been anticipating for over a year now since we got engaged.  As with most big events in my life, I was an absolute spaz that morning, just totally full of adrenaline, but regardless, neither of us could stop smiling as we got ready.  Once we were dressed and ready, we headed to White Rocks where we set up a circle of flowers for our ceremony and met our Hawaiian wedding officiant, Ricardo.   Before I knew it, we were half way through our wedding.  I wish I could just re-experience the whole thing over and over again because it was so fun and exciting, but it sped by in a blur of vows, lei exchanges, ring exchanges, a few tears, hugs, hand squeezes, and high fives.  🙂  It. was. perfect.  See for yourself…

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And we told our friends and family back home with a postcard in the mail.  Evil?  Or funny?  We thought we were funny, of course.  😉


About Tricia

I am a science geek who loves traveling and anything to do with the ocean!

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  1. Tricia says:

    Glad you liked the pictures! We love you too!! xoxoxo

  2. Gram & Gramps Brezke says:

    Thanks for sharing YOUR day with us.. Can watch it over and over to make us feel a part of your life. You sure have the energy, use it, enjoy it to the fullest extent cause it won’t be there forever. Listen to your old grandparents cause you know they are right, whether they are or not. Hope Trish can get a word in edge wise with you, Motormouth. Love you and miss you. Enjoy a long and happy life together. Gram & Gramps

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