Two of our gymnasts, Gabby Douglas and Aly Raisman, competed today in the individual all around finals.  They did amazing!  I am so impressed how they excelled under the pressure.  Other gymnasts in the competition really buckled when it came down to it.  In the end, Gabby was the most consistent and walked away with the gold medal!  Aly tied for third and in such a heart breaker of a tie breaker, she took 4th.  The two Russian gymnasts, Aliya Mustafina and Victoria Komova, who have been out primary competitors from day one took 2nd and 3rd.  What a fun competition to watch!!

Both photos from USA Gymnastics

And, to go back to McKayla Maroney’s perfect vault from team finals, take a look at the judge’s face.  Pretty appropriate.

Photo from HERE


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