Yeah baby!!!!!!!  Team USA wins gold!

Photo from USA Gymnastics


I watched the competition live on my phone while at work (shh, don’t tell on me).  It was so exciting!!  USA and Russia were neck and neck.  Then beam happened.  Russia started to struggle with several balance checks and one horrible dismount.  And then came floor.  Russia completely unraveled, and it was sad to watch.  USA just had to keep it together and not make any major mistakes.  When the US took their turn on floor to finish up, they absolutely nailed it!  No one stepped out of bounds this time and you could see the realization of imminent gold spreading across their faces with each passing moment.  The best was after Aly Raisman’s last tumbling pass.  She knew.  They had done it.  Way to go, girls!!!  Now it’s time for the individual competitors to shine…


Also, I am really loving the mid-air action shots.


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