One of my favorite finds of our home up in Hollywood beach is the population of Cardisoma guanhumi, otherwise known as the blue land crab.  These are very large land crabs with vibrant blue, red and orange coloration, depending on the age of the crab.  They are a solely subtropical/tropical species, so they are found no where else in the United  States other than along the Eastern coast from Vero beach down.  During late spring/summer, these crabs are most active due their reproductive cycle.  In an area of mangroves along a bike path I ride on, you can see over 200 of them out and about.  It is quite a sight.  I have a hard time not stopping to watch them every single time I ride by, so one day I rode over with my fancy camera and spent some time with the crabs.  They are startled into their burrows very easily and consequently were fairly difficult to photograph well.  It definitely took a lot of creeping and sitting and waiting.

I also saw a wading bird (some sort of egret or heron) who had killed a crab, ripped its legs off, and was trying to eat it.  It took the bird quite a while to maneuver the crab into its throat and was pretty funny to watch.  Anyhow, enjoy the photos!

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I am a science geek who loves traveling and anything to do with the ocean!

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