Ever since I started thinking about getting married and weddings, long before Dave was in the picture, I imagined myself on a beach on some remote island.  Just me and my husband-to-be.  No one else.  No fancy decorations, seating, aisle to walk down, or extravagant dress.  Luckily, my family seems pretty cool with my elopement idea.  Although my mom is definitely  a little disappointed to miss out on all the dress shopping and wedding planning.  While she was visiting for my graduation, we decided to go play dress-up at a local bridal store.  That way, we get to have the experience together without all the pressure.  It ended up being sort of fun.  Below are the 3 dresses we liked best….#3 was my favorite (in fairy tale land where I actually want to wear a wedding dress).


I have to say, playing dress-up or not, there is something really weird about seeing yourself in a big, fluffy wedding dress…




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I am a science geek who loves traveling and anything to do with the ocean!

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  1. Mom says:

    yes, mallory YOU are the fluff princess of all 3 of my daughters. you like big fluffy dresses for grand affairs. and they look spectacular on you! and yes Dave (my favorite future son-in-law) if it were a grand wedding a big fluff dress would be in order. didn’t she look pretty in all three? but esp. #1!

  2. marianne says:

    If I get to vote, I would vote number 1 too. Out of those 3. 🙂

    Of course that dress would get crazy sandy on the beach.

  3. Tricia says:

    Yes, Mallory, I guess after you wore that one prom dress (you know the one) you’re the fluff princess of us three.

    Dave, I totally did not expect you to like either of those dresses. I think you’re a closeted traditionalist.

  4. Dave (conquerer of worlds) says:

    If a boring ol’ regular wedding were actually happening, instead of our way rad south pacific adventure elopement, I’d have voted for 1 or 2. if you’re gonna go fluffball, go all the way.

    Not that I would be allowed an opinion anyway.

  5. Malcontent-sister? says:

    fluff princess?!

  6. Malcontent-sister? says:


  7. Mom says:

    seeing the actual pictures like this, you made me cry again. I actually LOVE the way you look in dress #1. ah well, maybe my fluff princess Mallory will let me dress her up in a big ball gown some day! I don’t think Bailey has had a dress on since I made her wear them up until age 3 1/2! all kidding aside; I am really glad we did this while I was there. I won’t feel so so sad not being there for the wearing of the actual dress. love ya.

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