Hi everyone!

So after a short blogging hiatus, I am back to share my exciting news.

In October I defended my dissertation (and passed!), and a little over a week ago, I graduated with my doctorate from FAU.  Many of my family members came down from Ohio for the celebration (pictures to follow soon).  We had a blast!

Last week I started my new job as a postdoctoral research at the University of Miami.  I am working in a chemical senses laboratory looking at the taste system.  The taste system looks and functions quite similarly to the olfactory system (which I studied for my doctorate).  Even though much of what I learned about the olfactory system will still apply when I investigate the taste system, I will be researching mammals now instead of sharks and learning some really cool, sophisticated techniques.  This job will show me a very different aspect of research, teach me new techniques that will make me a more marketable job candidate in the future, and help me hone my professional goals further.

I have already started to learn the basics of growing cells in culture….. a far cry from my previous research!  Wish me luck!  It will be an exciting journey.


About Tricia

I am a science geek who loves traveling and anything to do with the ocean!

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