In August, I took a trip to my grandparents’ gorgeous house in VA Beach for a 2-week long writing retreat.  At the time, I was in a big push to finish writing my dissertation and needed an escape from the every day things that consume my time and don’t contribute directly to me graduating.  While there, I did finish my dissertation, although I had (and still have) much editing ahead.  Its a seemingly never ending process.  Amidst the writing, I was able to find some time to sit on the back porch and have coffee or tea with my grandparents.  It was so nice spending time with them.  Also, their property has so many wonderful  plants and animals, especially insects, that it feels like a wild jungle!  I especially had fun keeping tabs on one individual mantis.  I could tell him (the green one) from others because he was missing part of his left foreleg.  He hung around on the hibiscus plant for almost my entire visit, letting my take his photo, posing, and allowing me to handle him.  Click HERE if you want to read a little more about these fascinating little creatures.  Dave also made it up for a short visit and we had a fun time going for walks and exploring the property.  Check out the photos!

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Also, I have FINALLY set my defense date…..unless the videoconferencing dept at my school decides to mess it up.  OCTOBER 20TH!!!!  I absolutely can not wait for it to get here!  And if all goes well, I will be Dr. Meredith! (Or as my new fiance calls me, Dr. Meresmith)  Wish me luck!


About Tricia

I am a science geek who loves traveling and anything to do with the ocean!

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  1. Dave (conquerer of worlds) says:

    That is a capital “S” in MereSmith, my love.

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