My annual AES meeting is coming up in about a month!  This year, it will be held in Minneapolis, MN.  Might be my last time at this meeting for quite a while, which makes me sad since I have invested so much of my time and energy into this society over the years.  Anyhow, this year’s meeting is going to be super fun!  I have handed over the reins of Student Affairs Committee Chair to my successor, so now, although I’m still somewhat involved, I can kick back and enjoy!  As usual, the student members of the society run a little store where we sell AES merchandise to make money for student travel to the meetings.  This year, we have a few exciting new items that are available for pre-order.  I thought I would show you one: this AES aluminum water bottle.  If anyone wants one, let me know!  Family, do not worry.  Most of you are getting the meeting t-shirts.  The rest of the stuff is available on our website, in case you’re interested:

Also, the new calendars will be available soon!  Enjoy!  And remember, every penny you spend in our store goes toward supporting poor students like me!  🙂


About Tricia

I am a science geek who loves traveling and anything to do with the ocean!

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