TEPCO deliberately dumps more than 10,000 tonnes of radioactive water into sea. TEPCO, the operator of the Fukushima power plant has today begun deliberately discharging radioactive water into the sea. The company says it was forced to dump what it describes as low-level radioactive water (though I haven’t seen any figures on radiation levels) in order to make room in storage tanks for highly radioactive water that is flooding the basement of the turbine buildings of reactor 2. It also intends to dump a further 1,500 tonnes of contaminated groundwater into the sea tonight. The surprise move comes after the company last weekend found a large crack that was allowing highly radioactive water to pour from flooded buildings in reactor 2 into the ocean. This seems to explain the very high and increasing radiation levels detected last week just off the coast from the plant. Efforts to seal the leak have been unsuccessful so far. I imagine this might explain why the company is taking drastic action to dump less radioactive water so that it can quickly pump out the more dangerous flood water. TEPCO, like BP during last year’s Gulf oil spill, increasingly seems to be improvising as it goes along.



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