Long time, no blog, eh?  Yeah, school is getting the better of me right now.  Trying to cram everything in and finish by August AND decide my life AND find a job.  Anyhow, bear with me.  I have some cute dragon pictures though!  The dragons are getting really big and their features are changing a lot.

Here is Dignan as a baby.  He can’t even fit on this branch anymore.

Dignan and Rooney.  Best friends.

And now, still buddies, but much much bigger!  Look at those beards coming in!

Sleepy time.

Lately they have been blackening their beards on random mornings.  I know it can be used as an aggressive display but they might just be testing it out right now.  Here is Dignan’s attempt at looking tough.

And Rooney even did his full puffed-out beard display one day for us!  He was not happy.

Cute anyhow!  🙂


About Tricia

I am a science geek who loves traveling and anything to do with the ocean!

11 responses »

  1. Kenz says:

    Could you please post a blog page again about bearded dragons?!? Cause on your blog that is my favorite thing! I have one bearded dragon named Pickle. And we are breeding him with our friends beardie!

  2. Tricia says:

    Even though I own two dragons, they are too young for me to tell the sex yet. I have a feeling they are both male. I do not have any experience with breeding dragons. How many dragons do you own?

  3. Kenz says:

    Post something on bearded dragon breeding please

  4. cindy campbell-mom says:

    okay, I am still the mom! you must be nicer.

  5. Malcontent-sister? says:

    it’s awesome.. but not cute. mostly creepy

  6. Dave - conqueror of worlds says:

    Cinders – we only let them out at night… mostly.

    Malcontent – tell me that Rooney’s blackbeard display isn’t totally awesome?

  7. Malcontent-sister? says:

    can you change your username to Tricia-self. Please? Just when responding to mom.

  8. Tricia says:

    and no, they can not voluntarily get out of their cages, mom. 🙂

  9. Tricia says:

    #1 – mom is crazy. enough said.
    #2 – they are still cute. and even more calm than when they were babies, which makes them much easier to handle. You’ll see….

  10. Malcontent-sister? says:

    #1- I like that mom needs to specify that she is your mom
    #2- they’re so big! they’re just kinda creepy now and now so much cute. blegh

  11. cindy campbell-mom says:

    okay, just so we are clear, allllll your critters are locked and caged while I am there right?????????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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