For Dave’s and my bdays, my awesome mom got us tickets to see the Steelers play the Dolphins.  The game was last weekend and we had a blast!!!  It was rainy on the way in to the stadium but quickly cleared up and the sun blazed the rest of the afternoon.  There were so many Steelers fans there….a sea of black and gold!  Final score: 23-22!

You can kind of see all the terrible towels.  Look for the little spots of yellow.  That’s all you saw when we scored….flinging yellow towels!


Look at the guy in the fetal position on the right!  Ha!

Yeah, Jeff Reed!

And just like last time, we hung outside by the buses and waited for our players!

Hines Ward.  Always the snappy dresser.

This is all I got of Troy!  Blurry and distant.  A car just happened to drive between us in the 30 seconds he walked by.  😦  He looks upset about it too.

Dick LaBeau, defensive coordinator

Lamarr Woodley

Dan Rooney

Big Ben, looking smiley in his purple shirt

Chris Kemoeatu

James Farrior

And the man himself, Mike Tomlin (aka Dr. Foreman)


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I am a science geek who loves traveling and anything to do with the ocean!

3 responses »

  1. cindy campbell-mom says:

    are you sure that was hines ward? looked like some white guy with gray hair!

  2. Dave says:

    Ahh, holding the towel upside down?!? I’m such a dork.

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