Its been way too long since I’ve been swimming with the fishies!  My friend, Tanja, gave me a certificate for a free dive for my bday and last weekend, it was time to use it!  A few of us hopped on a boat and headed out off of Boca for 2 reef dives and a little 30 ft dive on a sunken tugboat during our “surface interval”.  It was a good day spent underwater!!!  And as usual, I took about 200 photos….

French angels

Big crab

Look at that face!

The reef


Graysby grouper

Lionfish showing me his pointy, poisonous butt…and giving me the evil eye

Moray eel!  He was all laid out in a crevice

Another moray in a cave

Reefey.  Parrotfish in the foreground

I’m not the only one snapping photos the whole dive.  Here’s one of my dive buddies, Tanja!

I am pretty sure this is a basket star that has curled itself up in a gorgonian.  You can see a couple of its little dark tentacles.

Spotted moray eel


School time

Swimming with the school!  My favorite thing to do during a dive!!

Lynda caught us dinner on the tugboat dive

Coral polyps

Bluehead wrasses swarming over this algae.  The boys (blue head) maintain harems of yellow females.

Yum!  (I feel so guilty saying that)

Spotted porcupinefish.  He let me get pretty close, which meant I followed him around for a while

“Get away from me!”

Look at those googley eyes

Queen angelfish on our second dive.  See her little crown?


Soft corals

Ha!  I didn’t even see that little trumpetfish until I posted this picture.  I guess that’s the point!

Gray angel

Another spotted moray

I think this is some sort of invasive species.  What a weirdo.


About Tricia

I am a science geek who loves traveling and anything to do with the ocean!

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