A few of my friends recently got dive certified, so we took the opportunity to go enjoy their new certified status together underwater.  I haven’t been diving in too long!  It was really great to get back underwater and swim with the fish.

Smitha and I getting ready to go

Heading down to the first site – a ship wreck that I’ve visited before, called the Sea Emporer (~65 ft depth)

As soon as we got down to the bottom we saw a huge Southern stingray that had just buried herself.  You can see the dust hasn’t even settled yet.

So I photographed as  much as possible…

until she’d had enough.  This is ironically my favorite shot.

She came back a few moments later and did a fly by

Other non-stingrays… this one is a sponge.

parrotfish munching away at some algae

gray angelfish

Pieces of the wreck, which was completely encrusted in life!


doing our 3 minute safety stop as we head back topside

dive 2 was on a reef, called white house ledges.  lots of giant barrel sponges.


blue striped grunt and his sponge

snapper defending his territory.  look at those cute little teeth.

all done!  sitting on the surface waiting for the boat to come get us.

Hope everyone had a nice memorial day weekend!!!


About Tricia

I am a science geek who loves traveling and anything to do with the ocean!

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  1. mtmouse says:

    Beautiful Photos…

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