Recently I submitted the 1st chapter of my dissertation for publication to Journal of Experimental Biology.  They can certainly reject it, but hopefully I will get edits back sometime soon and at that point, I will also submit a photograph for consideration for the journal cover.  Luckily my advisor, Steve, is an amazing photographer so we did a little photo shoot with this yellow stingray.  Since my study is on the sense of smell of this species and 4 others, we wanted to somehow show the beautiful topside of this ray while also showing the nose.  To do this we photographed her on a mirror and you can see when see lifts up the front of her snout, her nose is visible.  The pictures turned out awesome!!

Of course I dropped the mirror.  Luckily it was after the photo shoot, but hopefully this doesn’t follow me around for 7 years….

Steve also shot her from below, though these photos didn’t turn out as cool.

We also recently has an elasmo-lab beach bbq to celebrate….lots of things going on in our lab.  My boss got tenure, for one!

Morgan bought Steve a hammerhead kite a while back and he finally got to bust it out!

It is a pretty spectacular kite!!

And last but not least… the obligatory mustache picture!


About Tricia

I am a science geek who loves traveling and anything to do with the ocean!

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