February has been fun so far!  I came home from tutoring on Valentine’s Day to find these….

And we went out for a nice Thai dinner on the beach!  🙂

Last weekend Dave and I drove up to Jacksonville to visit G&G Meredith and Uncle Tim and fam.

Of course we had to go golfing!  For me its mainly just screwing around, but I still have fun!  Dad, wish you could’ve been there!!!


Action shot!

Dave’s celebration after beating the pants off my golf score

Turns out golf courses are fairly scenic places.  I think I spent more time taking pictures than golfing.  The red things are little seed pods on the tree, which is draped in spanish moss.

On the trail between holes

Sunset through the pine trees

….. you knew it was coming.  I love this kid!

We also took the opportunity to meet up with Darcy, whom I haven’t seen in 50 bajillion years and is teaching biology at UNF.

Today the weather is warm but the skies are dark.  Its so cool to watch storms roll in off the ocean.

My Christmas cactus (inherited from Morgan) bloomed!!

Another cactus, close up, after the rain.  Pretty neat looking.

And its that time of year!!!  Little sis Mallory is heading down on Saturday to spend the week with me!!  Can’t wait!!!!


About Tricia

I am a science geek who loves traveling and anything to do with the ocean!

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  1. Dave says:

    What an acton packed month!!!

    Also, I’m 90% sure I took that last pic and Mal-content was making that face at me. Can’t wait to see you Mal!!!!

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