This sad story showcases the behavior of orcas.  They are voracious predators and aren’t meant to be kept as show ponies.  AND this illustrates how wacked public perception of certain animals is.  Orcas are considered cute and cuddley animals (a la Free Willy) and sharks are considered blood thirsty man eaters (a la Jaws).  Both are top predators and wild animals and neither deserve their reputations.

Whale kills Fla. SeaWorld trainer as guests watch – Florida AP –


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  1. ediva75 says:

    I saw your story too and LOVE THE HEADLINE!!! My link on this story has the Today Show video and I don’t understand the idiotic person from Sea World talking about some damn protocol review on this matter? WTH is there to review- RELEASE THE ANIMAL BACK INTO it’s natural environment??? LOL

  2. Erin says:

    I thought the same thing! Obviously, my once prolific marine bio knowledge has been usurped by matters of the eye, but um, they aren’t nicknamed “killer” whales for no reason! San Diego is freaking out, they’ve shut down the whale shows here too. I’m really sad for the trainer and her family, but animal instinct is really hard to suppress. 😦

  3. I saw this story as I was surfing the net today. Tragedy…but when you play with fire…

    However, I bet this guy would do it all over again.

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