Hope everyone had a nice holiday!  Dave and I decided that rather than paying to fly home and rent a car, we would make an adventure of it and road trip it home.  It was definitely an adventure!!

Since I apparently forgot I had a camera until my mom’s holiday party, that’s where we start….

silly sisters pre-party

bai got so tall!

dave and i

gma greathouse and alllllllllllllll (almost) the grandkids. and great grandkids for that matter!

Part 2!

She’s too cute not to take 100 pictures of her


The girls

Watched the Steelers game at dad’s! We tried to take a picture in front of the xmas tree… you see how pointless that was.  We are cute anyhow!  Dad would be smiling if Dave didn’t try to confuse us by taking pictures with 2 cameras at once.  I obviously just woke up from a nap.

Ice skating  with Youngstown’s resident figure skating expert, Bai!

Sister power 100!

Bailey showing Dave some moves

Pair skate!

Visiting one of Dave’s brothers, Steven, at the bar he tends.  They think they’re pretty funny.

Snowboarding trip to Hidden Valley!!!  Pretty much my first time and I’ve got a few bruises to prove it.

I know its blurry but its one of the few pictures of me upright

More typical….

Me pouting that I kept falling.  Poor Dave.

Visiting Uncle Tim, Sherri, and the girls in Jacksonville!  Lauryn clearly remembers all the fun we had last time we hung out.

Pretty makeup face!

Baby McKenna getting so big!  And getting a few teeth!


We had an exhausting, yet fun trip!  Glad to be home to the warm weather!!!

Today we went to the Steelers game against Miami!  So fun!!! Too bad that even though we kicked butt, we arent going to the playoffs.  Boo.  Pictures on that soon…


About Tricia

I am a science geek who loves traveling and anything to do with the ocean!

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