The little dragon is getting bigger!  Here are some recent pictures of Diji sunbathing the other day.  Look at his fat little belly!



This is him 1 year ago.  Tiny!

Now, tubby!  And blue footed from the blue sand he had for a while in his tank.


Very dinosaur-ey


He got a little warm sitting in the sun all day.  I think this is a cooling behavior.  Either way, its pretty hilarious.


Ahhhh!  You can see his cute little teeth here.


Hope everyone’s having a good week!!


About Tricia

I am a science geek who loves traveling and anything to do with the ocean!

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  1. mom says:

    ok, i really can’t stay with you now. two critters I want absolutely NOTHING to do with. also, I guess I am in the slow learner class, I tried to see the answers to my comments and I can’t figure it out
    you know me, you have to hold my hand and point.
    I tried.
    Bailey’s ultrasound was done today of thyroid, labs look good. she has this issue that might be vitelago ( a bit of Michael Jackson going on I guess). now they want to check if her ovaries are producing antibodies against them. this kid has more things wrong with her! I don’t know what that means long term though. will find out. she has this auto immune disorder thing going on.
    have fun with dragon.

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