Day 3:  Dove at Molokai (another island) to see the hammerhead sharks.  The first of the 2 dives was my deepest yet – 110ft!  It was incredibly calm, clear, and serene down there.  We went out with a group called North Shore Explorers on an old Navy Seal boat.  The ride out and back to Molokai was insane!  10 ft waves did not phase this boat, but it was definitely and exciting an bumpy ride!

boatTheir boat! (Photo from their website)

maui2 137

First 5 minutes of the first dive, not even 60 ft down, a group of 5 or so rolled in.  Unbelievable!!!

maui2 145

maui2 147

maui2 143

Josh and his video camera

maui2 158


maui2 162

This dive site was called Fish Rain.  Well deserved.

maui2 192

maui2 196

maui2 175



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