Day 1: We dove Turtle Town/5 Caves & went on a sunset cruise where we got to be models for their cruise brochure

maui 072


maui 074

Moorish idol

maui 081

Close up coral

maui 095

Morgan and I in a bubble cave.  Scary but fun!

maui 097

Heading out of the cave

maui 103

How the dive site got its name.  We saw 10 or so Hawaiian green sea turtles on this dive

maui 107

Forceps butterfly fish

maui 109

Slate pencil sea urchin

maui 116

Josh catching an octopus.  He got inked.

maui 120

Voila!  So cute!

maui 123

Who doesn’t want to hold an octopus!?!?  One of the coolest things I’ve ever done….though it was hard to get him off my hand afterward

maui 132Frogfish.  Yes, this is a fish!  A well-disguised urchin next to him.

maui 139

Spikey sea urchin.  Got one of the spines in my hand cause I wasn’t paying atention to where I was going.

maui 149


maui 150

See ya!

maui 159


maui 190

Nudibranch of some sort

Onto the sunset/modeling cruise photos….  I didn’t get any pictures of us modeling but I’ll probably end up in some cheesy brochure.  Score!

maui 199

west maui mountains

maui 205

maui 209

maui 216

maui 225


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I am a science geek who loves traveling and anything to do with the ocean!

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