I recently took a trip to Mote Marine Laboratory to run experiments on 6 bonnethead sharks they had collected for me.  The experiments lasted about 12-16hrs each for 6 days and I got lots of data!!!  Hopefully it means something relevant.  Below are some photos of me experiments and few other cool things I saw while there….

maui 061

Odor delivery tube and electrode up the nose

maui 040

Big response!  Wooohooo!

maui 045

Shark puking mid-experiment.  Not good.

maui 024

We got a hammerhead shark delivery while I was there!  Fun!  This 1 will probably end up at Georgia aquarium.

maui 039

Bull sharks!!  He is beefy!

maui 014

Cute cute baby swell shark.

maui 047

Snoozin!  Btw, I have never really seen a shark close its eyes before seeing as they don’t have eyelids.  This blew my mind!!  🙂

Maui post is on it way (even though I’m only half way through my trip, I have over 300 photos!!)  Stay tuned!!


About Tricia

I am a science geek who loves traveling and anything to do with the ocean!

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