Last week I got one of the coolest birthday presents ever!  Dave took me for a long weekend to Las Vegas!!  I had never been there and as you might have guessed, it blew my mind!!  It was a weird, fanatsy-land where you could never tell what time of day it was but it didn’t really matter.  We had an absolute blast.  We stayed at the Mandalay Bay hotel, which was my favorite of all the ones we saw.  It probably helps that they have an aquarium with lots of shark and ray species.  Aside from visiting the aquarium, we toured the strip, gambled, met up with some long lost friends, and saw the Love Cirque du Soliel show.  I can not recommend that show enough!!!  Here are some photos of our trip….

10-1-09 063

The strip with the New York New York hotel to the left.  The roller coaster was pretty fun!

10-1-09 061

10-1-09 068

Paris.  The Eiffel Tower’s legs go right down through the hotel.

10-1-09 059


10-1-09 065

The Bellagio

10-1-09 040b

The fountain dances to music every 15 minutes.  Awesome.  Video below.

10-1-09 080

Dave looking out over his kingdom!

10-1-09 082


10-1-09 040


Here are some shots of the aquarium….

10-1-09 008

Zebra shark

10-1-09 046

Gray reef shark

10-1-09 048

I could have sat there for hours.  So fun!

10-1-09 033

Sand tiger shark

10-1-09 028

Pacific stingray…. I forget the species

10-1-09 006

Queen triggerfish

10-1-09 011

So now its back to reality.  Next week I am heading to Mote Marine Lab in Sarasota for a week to run some experiments.  Hopefully everything goes smoothly!!  And in a few weeks, I am taking the crazy cats and flying them out to Maui!!  Morgan and I will hang out for a week, and it sounds like she has lots of fun stuff planned…… snorkeling, diving, hanging on the beach, hiking, camping, meeting all her new friends, going out on the Pacific Whale Foundation boats, giving a shark talk to the marine naturalists, and catching up with each other!  And I am officially done watching the cats!  Woo!  😉


About Tricia

I am a science geek who loves traveling and anything to do with the ocean!

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  1. mom says:

    worried about the tsunami’s I keep hearing about on the news. please call often. esp if something is on the news about a tsunami alert
    love ya, have fun

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