A few weeks ago, the fam and I took our annual trip to Hilton Head, SC for a vacation.  It was great seeing everyone!  The babies are all getting so big too!  I was ultra ready for some relaxation time, but I guess my brain didn’t get the memo because it was still on at a mile a minute.  Oh well.  We went for our regular sunrise walks on the beach, visited Coligny Plaza 1400 times, ate lots of delicious food a la Grandma!  On to the photos…

hh 09 009

Before the sun came up

hh 09 022

Tidal pool

hh 09 016

In tact scallop shell

hh 09 024

hh 09 026


hh 09 059

Live sand dollar

hh 09 070

Sun is up!

hh 09 078

Hermit crap trying to oust a snail from his shell…. to no avail.  Another smaller hermit crab was on standby to take the this crab’s shell once he vacated.

hh 09 083

Lauren, Marissa, and I playing with the hermit crabs

hh 09 091


hh 09 095

Gorgeous sunrise!

hh 09 106

Crushed shells on the beach

hh 09 111

Hermit crab

hh 09 123

Sea oats after sunrise

hh 09 136

The girls at Java Joe’s Coffee Shop

hh 09 006

Look at what I taught Lauryn!!  You’re welcome, Uncle Tim!!!  🙂


About Tricia

I am a science geek who loves traveling and anything to do with the ocean!

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  1. Uncle Tim says:

    I’m gonna kill you!
    Just Kidding – That’s hilarious.

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