A few weeks back Wendy, Steve (my boss), a couple of volunteers, and I went shark fishing in the Keys.  I needed to catch some baby lemon sharks for my research.  We did end up catching a few but sadly they didn’t make it home.  I can’t complain about a weekend spent fishing in the Keys though.  I am scheduled to go back down there on Friday.  This time we will fish for a few days and then I will stay and conduct my experiments at the lab in the keys rather than trying to transport the sharks back here, which is always dicey.  Cross your fingers for me!!!  Anyhow, here are the photos from the 1st fishing trip:

7-8-09 005

Keys Marine Lab from the boat

7-8-09 018

Wendy, Joey, and Lindsay fishing

7-8-09 025

Gorgeous sunset

7-8-09 032

Hard work

7-8-09 070

Pushing the boat off the grass flats once we got stuck – happens every time we fish

7-8-09 083

Baby lemon shark!  This guy was about a half a meter long

7-8-09 041

Once we catch them, we bring them on deck

7-8-09 042

and attempt to dehook them

A week or so ago, I went down to Key West with Dave for his birthday.  We rode down on his motorcycle, which was super fun – but my butt has never been more sore in my life!!

key west 003

My and the bike.

key west 004


key west 046

Down at Mallory Square for sunset

key west 039

Chickens and chicks running around randomly.  So cute!

key west 047

Street performers at Mallory Square

key west 057

Sailboat at sunset

key west 069

Weird flower

AES meeting post to follow shortly!!


About Tricia

I am a science geek who loves traveling and anything to do with the ocean!

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