Got back from my conference at 6:15am (redeye from LAX) on Tuesday.  I finally feel like I have decompressed my brain from the meeting, so let me back up a little.  I just attended the Joint Meeting of Ichthyologists and Herpetologists in Portland, OR for a week.  During the meeting, 4 scientific societies (including the American Elasmobranch Society [AES]) join together to hold talks, poster sessions, and social events aimed at informing scientists of the most current findings and providing networking opportunities.  As I mentioned, I had a significant role in planning and overseeing certain activities for my society.  Things went more smoothly than I could have ever imagined!  I also presented my research poster in a best-student-poster competition.  I have to say, this was my best meeting to date!  I had tons of fun and met a lot of really cool, smart people!  And Portland is amazing.

aes 2009 114

View of the city

aes 2009 078

Some of the items we either sold or later auctioned in the AES store to raise money to support student travel

aes 2009 001

Portland has lots of food carts spread throughout the city.  This one was a favorite of ours – Huge Honkin Burritos!  So yummy!!  Burritos come in 3 sizes: small, med, or honkin huge!

aes 2009 004

Line for deliciousness – well worth it

aes 2009 003

We sat in pioneer square and listened to a free concert during lunch

aes 2009 019

Rob (shark filmmaker) and I acting silly at a reception.  He found these super cool shark hats in Dubai!

aes 2009 042

Later we went for dessert at Rimsky Korsakoffeehouse.  Its situated in an old house and has an ecclectic, hip, yet creepy vibe.  The table we were sitting at rotates ever so slowly so that you feel like you’re losing your mind when your drink ends up next to someone else.  I just noticed that on their blog (click link above), they advertise themselves as the “casually threatening atmosphere”.  I love weirdness…..

aes 2009 037

To illustrate my point, this is a photo of the bathroom ceiling.  Yes, you read that right – bathroom ceiling.

aes 2009 053

Coincidentally (or maybe not), the Oregon Brewfest was being held the very same week as our conference, so just about everyone made it down there for an evening.  It was packed, hot, and stinky (b/c all the people, I guess)!!!  It actually kind of sucked until you had a couple of beers.  There were hundreds of different micro brews to try – and try we did!  I tasted (sample size of course) about 10 different brews.  My favorite was a wheat beer with a hint of blueberry.  My last favorite was a smoke porterhouse that tasted like you were drinking beef jerky.  Ugh!!  🙂

aes 2009 058

Anthony (former masters student in my lab), Chris (labmate), and Lynda (former FAU grad student)

aes 2009 062

Dave (former FWC boss & fellow sharklab grad student) and I

aes 2009 069

Lynda and I didn’t feel like walking home so we took a rickshaw.  Super fun!  Enjoying the ride.

aes 2009 074

We made him take us to a Vietnamese food cart first though…  Yummmmm!

aes 2009 093

The last night in Portland AES has a big banquet where they announce award winners of various competitions, hold a live auction to raise money for students, and boogie down till they kick us out of the banquet hall!  Mega fun!  This is my boss, Steve, and 2 labmates, Laura and Chris.  Steve is looking so happy because us three girls won 3 out of the 4 awards given that night!  Kajiura lab domination!!  🙂


I somehow nabbed the Carrier award for best student poster!  From left to right: Ken Goldmen (the AES President) me, Jeff and Carol Carrier, and Carl Luer (coordinator and head judge)

group photo 09

Here are all the banquet attendees.  I am standing in the 2nd row about a 1/3 of the way from the right.

aes 2009 097

Dance time!!  This picture is priceless – everyone in mid-jig!

aes 2009 125

Before my flight Rob and I took a small hike.  Beautiful landscape.  I really enjoyed all the super tall trees.

aes 2009 129

And to top it off we found a banana slug!  These guys get about a foot long when they are all stretched out!  Awesome!!

………… its on to the next project.  Now (well not RIGHT now) I am prepping for my Friday fishing trip.  Man, I really hope we get some sharks!!!  I am sure I will at least return with photos to share….

Also, thank you to all my family/friends that called to check up on me during and after my conference.  It meant a lot!  XOXO


About Tricia

I am a science geek who loves traveling and anything to do with the ocean!

3 responses »

  1. Tricia says:

    dave, i need you to look at my blog more times/day. most of the people that read it are here with me. my self-esteem graph is plummeting!! 😉

  2. Dave says:

    All I wanna know is whether the banana slug actually tasted like bananas… You did taste it right?

  3. mom says:

    ga-rooooooooooooooosss, banana slugs. yuck!
    looks like you had a good time. Portland looks like a big crazy busy city. I am and will always be the suburbanite. I am glad you won the poster award.
    you looked good and beautiful little girl.
    love mom

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