Summer is flying by at warp speed!  And it has been action packed so far!  Last weekend a few friends and I went snorkeling up at MacArthur Beach State Park.  One of the single best snorkeling trips of my life!!!  We saw so many cool critters!  But first, a few photos of the evil little beasts living with me till October….Zhule and Nora.

6-28-09 008

Double trouble

6-28-09 012

Feigning sweetness

6-28-09 015

Irritated looking as per usual

Now on to the snorkel day!  Here’s Dave an I beforehand..

6-28-09 019

6-28-09 022

Jason and Lynda on the beach

6-28-09 026


6-28-09 027

Parrotfish and a few spot tail pinfish

6-28-09 028

Ocean surgeonfish

6-28-09 031

Sea cucumbers

6-28-09 035


6-28-09 041

Guitarfish!!!!!!!!  Such a rare find!  Its kind of half ray, half shark.   All awesome!

6-28-09 043


6-28-09 044

Flat shark

6-28-09 051

Juvenile green sea turtle cruising around and munching on algae

6-28-09 073

6-28-09 075


6-28-09 080

What a cool view!

6-28-09 081

Posing for me.  🙂

We also saw a little snowflake eel at the end but I didn’t have my camera in the water with me.   All in all it was a great summer day in paradise!

Right now I am in VA Beach with my mom and sisters hangin at the beach.  Fun!  This weekend Miss Wendy Wills is coming down to Deerfield Beach to spend about a month with me before she starts grad school!!  Super exciting!!  We have a lot of catching up and hanging out to do!  Next week,  a few of us from the lab (+ Wendy) are heading to Long Key to go shark fishing.  I need to collect 6 or so juvenile lemon sharks for my reasearch.  Super fun!  Expect many pictures from that adventure as well.  After that, it will be nearly time to head to Portland, OR for the annual shark geek conference.  Busy busy!


About Tricia

I am a science geek who loves traveling and anything to do with the ocean!

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  1. Dave says:

    I would say that the day was more so, Snorkel-tastic, but maybe that’s just me being contrary for the sake of it. Soooo cool.

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