Last weekend the lovely Erin Swift graced me with her presence all the way from San Diego where she is pretending to be a real, grown up optometrist!  Fun was had.  One of the highlights of our time together was a dive we did on Sunday.  Gumbo Limbo nature center had a nurse shark that was getting a little too big for her tank, so my boss decided we would release her for them.  We went out to a shipwreck off of Boca Inlet, called the Sea Emporor.  Great dive spot!!  Erin, Laura, and I got in the water and descended about 20 ft before Steve released the shark in our direction.  Now, this might sound a little crazy to some of you, but let me assure you we wanted nothing more than to see this shark get herr first tastes of freedom.  She initially swam right under me as you can see from the 1st photo.  Gorgeous!!

6-14-09 020

Then she slowly descended and tried to find some fish to buddy up with.

6-14-09 025

She kept swimming back to us…. It seemed like she was a little nervous about all the open space at first.  We are hoping she will take up residence on the shipwreck so we can come visit her again.

6-14-09 031

6-14-09 132

Laura and I at 60 ft.  The water temp was over 80 degrees down there!

6-14-09 116


6-14-09 112


6-14-09 109

Cowfish, I think?

6-14-09 102

Cool looking sponge

6-14-09 088


6-14-09 078


6-14-09 071

Erin, my original dive partner!!!

6-14-09 070

Moray Eel

6-14-09 065

Jack knife

6-14-09 060

Snappers and grunts on the wreck

6-14-09 058

6-14-09 057

Snappers and porkfish (yellow and black guys)

6-14-09 054

French angelfish

6-14-09 036

Garden eels on the sadn flats next to the wreck

6-14-09 035

Hundreds of them!  So cool!!!!

6-14-09 032

Powderblue tangs

And a couple of other recent pictures….

6-14-09 013

Dave and I before his niece’s graduation

6-14-09 006

Jodie, Lynda, and I at a club called Tansit in Miami

Well, its 4:30pm on a Friday and I have just finished entering tons of FWC data, submitted 133 questions for a anatomy project, and updated my blog…… so its party time!!  Hope you all have a fun weekend!!


About Tricia

I am a science geek who loves traveling and anything to do with the ocean!

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  1. mom says:

    by the by, what state was the graduation in?????
    it HAS been a long time since I have been on your web blog.
    hope you had fun in VA beach. lots of sun for sure. I love it there.
    love ya

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