Though its taken a little while to get these up, here are some photos from Mallory’s spring break down here with me…


1st night. Dinner at the delicious Baja Cafe with Morgan and the girls (Katie, Leah, me, Mal, Morg).


Introducing the girls to my reptile friends.


In Miami (we went there a lot) at the Barracuda in the Coconut Grove


1 of the 38923 sister pictures we took…


Monday night, reggae night at Bostons in Delray Beach


This is for Uncle Tim!  Of course they were gona do the mustache pictures!!  🙂


James and the girls



On the way over the MacArthur Causeway to South Beach


On SoBe!


Family, expect this in a frame for Xmas!  Are we cute or what!?!?  Hahaha!


A little beach jumping.


The girls favorite place on South Beach, Wet Willies.  Its a daiquiri bar with all sorts of yummy concoctions.


Back at the Barracuda on Tuesday for ladies night.


Headed to their first South Beach club.  Gotta get all glammed up!


Ready for a night on the town!


Fun circle chairs at a bar we stopped at.  Of course we had to take a million pictures.


So top model.


The girlies.


Swings outside.


Gumbo Limbo Nature Center the last day for Sea Turle Day 2009!  The girls came to watch me give a couple of talks to the public on why sharks are awesome.

As you can tell, we had quite a good time.  I showed them fun South Florida and they reminded me how fun spring break should be!  Hope everyone has a great week!!!  🙂


About Tricia

I am a science geek who loves traveling and anything to do with the ocean!

4 responses »

  1. Tricia says:

    oh man.

  2. mom says:

    I prefer the beach jumping photo in a frame for Christmas. too bad bailey wasn’t in it too. I have a table in my foyer that has beach candles Mallory gets me from Hilton head along with a picture of my beach bunnies(Tricia, Mallory, bailey lying on the beach) when we were down there in nov. the beach jumping photo would fit in nicely with the beach theme.
    p.s. i see Mallory’s eyes tell the picture. when she has had a bit too much to drink, her eyes get long and squinty!!!!!, unless she is trying to open them wider and she just looks silly. Tricia your smile just gets wider.
    hahaha mom knows your faces.

  3. Tricia says:

    you look like a lunatic is more like it! crazy eyes! also, uncle tim, don’t believe her. the mustache pictures were her idea.

  4. Mal says:

    Two comments (both about mustache pictures):
    1. I would like it to be known how opposed I was to mustache pictures. Uncle Tim, I held off for a while.. there is even a picture of Tricia and I fighting over whether or not to have a mustache.
    2. I look like a confederate soldier in the second mustache picture.

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