MAN it was cold up north!!  I am a sissy about cold after living in the south for so long.  If it get below 70, I’m crying.  So needless to say, we were hurting in New York and DC.

Morgan and I spent 3ish days in New York City.  We left Florida at 6AM and once we arrive,  stayed with our friend, Smitha, who lives right near southern Central Park in a 250 sq. foot studio (which I hear is rather large for that area).  It was cozy.  🙂  We spent all day every day running around and seeing/doing as much stuff as possible.  We both like to stay super busy when we travel.  Here’s what we did….

nydc-003bThis is us fresh off the plane from Ft. Lauderdale.  Bust out the coats!!


First we went down to Times Square to explore.  It is, as you might imagine, sensory overload!  There are more advertisements than any one person can ever take in.  And taxis, and people, and subway stations, and pigeons, and steamy sewage!


Me in Times Square


Empire State Building


Us in the elevator to the 86th floor


View from the top… you can see the Chrysler building among others.


The view from the other (and much windier) side.  This is 5th ave and the amazing shadow of the monstrous building we were in.


This is the view of downtown…like where the financial district is.  You can just barely see the Statue of Liberty in the distance toward the right.


And yes, the pigeons at the Empire State Building are friendly.


Morgan is an animal charmer.  Can’t you tell how much they love each other!?


I think the pigeon took this picture.  Very myspace-y.


Here we are in the New York Public Library.  Of course we had to read some books.  Behind Morgan is Trent, who is Morgan’s high school friend that showed us around that day.


Studyin up!


Later that night (yes, this is still our first day there) we went to the Museum of Modern Art (Moma).  This is us screwing around in the stair wells, which are apparently configured for photo ops.  We thought we were so clever to come up with the idea to take pictures there, but then we noticed lots of other people doing it too.


Like the person below Morgan. 🙂


Here’s a really large and interesting exhibit in Moma.  It is called Pipilotti Rist: Pour your body out.  Its a multimedia installation…basically weird video clips projected on 4 giant walls. with a donut shaped couch in the middle of the room.  You are supposed to react any way you see fit….sing, dance, lay, sleep, marvel (that’s what I chose).


Some art.  This happens to be one of my favorite artists, Gustav Klimt.  I have several of his prints up in my bedroom.  It was awesome to see an original!


Oh, ya know, a Picasso. Whatev.


The next day, we meant to get up at 4AM to stand in line for SNL tickets.  We did not get up till 10.  Instead we saw Chicago on Broadway!!  FREAKING AMAZING!!  We somehow got such great seats…. so good that we were concerned that the performers were staring at us.  🙂  I was blown away by the performance!  I can’t wait to see another show!


Then we played around some more in Times Square.  Here we are above the TKTS booth (where they sell show tickets) on the red stairs.  Drinking Starbucks for the 403823th time.


Yoga on the red stairs.  Warrior 2.  Too bad I am looking the wrong way.


Us and NYC!


The following morning, we had brunch at an amaizing little place called Extra Virgin in the west village (I think).  Then we walked over to the infamous Magnolia Bakery to get some yummy yummy cupcakes.


Then we headed downtown.  Here is what we could see of ground zero.  Its sad and empty.


Here is a creepy panda that hangs out near ground zero.  He looks depressed for a giant panda.


We walked down to Battery Park to check out the Statue of Liberty.


Here it is in Morgan’s hand.  So much tinier than I expected.


And a great opportunity for a mustache picture.  Morgan’s is looking very conferate soldier while mine is getting to be a bit Tom Selleck-y


Here is the only specimen of wildlife we saw up until this point.  A turkey just hangin out in the park.


New York Stock Exchange


Morgan doing yoga in Grand Central Station.  She’s the one in the yellow coat, which was handy for keeping track of her during our adventures.


(Stolen from Wendy) Jumping in Grand Central Station.


What is Morgan doing with that right hand?


Times Square in the snow!  So pretty!


Morgan found her twin in Barnes and Noble.

NYC was awesome and action packed!  We had the subway pretty figured out by the time we left and managed to always take the proper train.  I’d like to go back sometime…when its warmer.

The following day (day 4) we rented a Prius (which is sooooo fun to drive) and drove to Fredericksburg, VA to see Mallory and attend the inaugration in DC.  We left Mallory’s house at about 2:45AM and drove to the metrorail staion in Franconia, VA.  It took about 1.5hrs to park.  The train ride took about an hour since the trains were all backed up.  Once we got there, we tried to get the the Mall to watch the swearing in.  Our plan was to get there via 11th st.

Here is what the inauguration crowd looked like where we were.




This is us getting close to the 2nd security checkpoint, which took a couple of hours to get through.  I can safely say this was not the funnest experience I’ve had.  It was worth it later on.


We got blocked at the 11th st crossing and ended up stuck at 11th and Pennsylavania.  We could not see any of the swearing in events, but we heard everything.  It was so amazing to be a part of this historical moment.


Here’s the motorcaid going by carrying the new president and co!!

We were freezing our butts off so we opted to leave before the parade and watch it from Mallory’s bed back in Fredericksburg.

So that’s our adventure! We are already planning our next one.  But in the mean time, its back to work.  🙂  Have a good weekend everyone!!


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