Family visits are always refreshing……. and often exhausting.  🙂  Mom, bailey, and mallory were here for the past 5 days and MAN was it action packed!  We played in the waves at the beach, collected seashells, fed/got mobbed by the ducks, met my friends out for drinks and dancing, went to universal studios and islands of adventure, swam in the pool, and ate lots of good food!  MY favorite parts were getting to see my beautiful, crazy sisters, telling stories with mom during our roadtrip, and mallory bonding with all my friends here.  Couldn’t have asked for more!  See the madness below…


Me and my girls


2 of my favorite people




Fools in the pool



The funniest 9 yr old I know!

Sister power 100!!

Now its back to reality.   I have a day full of data analysis ahead of me…..can’t wait!!  This coming weekend, my lab is hosting a small conference called FISH.  20 or so students, including myself, will give presentations on their current research.  Last time we hosted the conference, we talked my boss into letting us give our talks in our PJs at his house (he has an LCD projecter at home)….. I think we my try to go that route again.  I am in charge of making the t-shirts for FISH 08.  My incredibly talented friend, Morgan, helped me with the design.  Its amazing, no?


Have a great week everyone!!!!


About Tricia

I am a science geek who loves traveling and anything to do with the ocean!

2 responses »

  1. mom says:

    was action packed and lots of fun. had to come home to get some rest! thanks for letting us stay with you. not so into snakey but I delt with it. love mom

  2. MP says:

    I love the FISH shirt design. If only I were cool enough to get an invite. So sad. I hope you guys have fun.

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