So Halloween is kind of a big deal here.  I never really got into it in undergrad, but with grad students…. watch out!  Its a big contest of who can come up with the wittiest costume.  So basically, who is the smartest.  Its a lot of pressure, but the annual biology dept Halloween party is mega fun.  We have settled on the location of the party for this year, and it just so happens that it will be at my friend’s apt which is in my own apt complex.  Good for a variety of reasons.  The next thing to do is to stress about what my costume will be.  Many people in the dept have started this process already.  Below are my past 3 costumes…. some more clever than others.

2005: Gangrene….. or Gang Green, whichever you prefer

2006: Drag queen.  A girl pretending to be a boy pretending to be a girl.  I have facial hair too.  You just can’t see it here.  Genious.

2007: Angenlina Jolie……with man and kids in tow….. and on a leash.

Here is Borat and broken down beauty queen babysitting for me.  I will refrain from heavy props in my next costume for sure.

Soooooooooooo…… what to be this year!??! Leave me a comment with your suggestion!  And remember, if its not at least mildly inappropriate or in bad taste, its not an option.  🙂


About Tricia

I am a science geek who loves traveling and anything to do with the ocean!

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  1. Tricia says:

    i know! its funny that my gangsta, fabulous drag queen, and pouty angelina lips faces all look the same! 🙂 I am aware that I make that face way too much, but I can’t stop it!!

  2. veggiewendy says:

    p.s. every picture you are doing the same thing with your lips! just thought I’d point that out…

  3. veggiewendy says:

    this year will be my first year in many to dress for Halloween! I have two parties to go to, one being a child’s 1st birthday/Halloween party and the other a crew party at a coworkers house and hitting the town afterwards. I have NO idea what I should be!!! Especially since it would be nice to wear the same outfit for both events – which will be quite different!

    I think you should be Julia Roberts from Pretty Woman. Either when she is a hooker in the beginning (hehe!) or the beauty in the red dress later. 🙂 OR, since you are a shark girl, you should go as a big shark or sting ray.

    I wish I had other options for you, but I don’t even know what to go as myself! Any suggestions from your end? P.S. Your Angelina Jolie costume is my favorite out of them all!! You actually look a lot like her with those plumped lips!!!

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