With 15 minutes until the women’s gymnastics team competition starts, i have have one thing to say…

Go USA! Bring home the gold!

I remember back to Atlanta…..


About Tricia

I am a science geek who loves traveling and anything to do with the ocean!

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  1. Mom says:

    don, your mom dresses you funny too!
    Tricia, I miss your long hair!
    Mallory too
    I remember you going to Atlanta, I was a nervous wreck cuz you was my little girl….all that way
    glad Mal’s stuff outa my house—-for the most part!

  2. don says:

    your mom dressed u funny

  3. Tricia says:

    i have a painting from her from atl too. its too bad the girls weren’t able to repeat that performance!

  4. Mallory says:

    i still have the atlanta poster that gram brought me home from the o’lymps. it’s sweet

  5. Tricia says:

    I mean, bring home the silver!! <:-/

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